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Whether you are here on holiday, new to the area or been around for a while and just wondering about your local church, you would be welcome to join us for any of our Sunday services or other events. Below is some information you might find helpful and some quick links to details about our services and how to find us.

  • You will be welcome. You should receive a warm welcome as you enter our church, whoever you are – young or old, long standing Christian or just looking – it’d be great to meet you.
  • You won’t be made to say things you don’t believe. Visitors are welcome to participate in the service or simply sit quietly and share the experience. You’ll not be asked to say or do anything you don’t believe in.
  • You won’t have to dress up. Some people like to put on their ‘Sunday best’ for church, and some like to come as they are in jeans and a t-shirt, our regular congregations have a mixture and so feel free to come as you feel comfortable.
  • You won’t have to give us your money. We take an offering at most of our services to support the life of our church and other mission work around the world. If you want to contribute then please do! But we’re equally happy for you to receive the service itself as our gift to you.
  • You will be encouraged to explore. To explore your beliefs and ideas, to explore faith, and to explore your relationship with God. We won’t try to force our beliefs on you – but we will do everything we can to provide space for you to consider the claims of the Christian faith, and to deepen your own spiritual life.


You can click here to find out general information about our services.

You will find details of how to get to us here.

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