Small Groups

What are small groups?

Small groups are pretty much what you would expect from the title, they are small groups of people made up from members of the church who meet together regularly to read and discuss the bible, pray together and support one another in the Christian life.

When and how often do they meet?

The small groups meet at different times and different regularities, many meet weekly but some are fortnightly, many are on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings but some meet during the day. We try and make sure there are small groups at times to suit most people!

Where do they meet?

Most small groups meet regularly in the home of one of its members (often the group leader but not exclusively).

Why should I join a small group?

A small group often gives greater chances to grow and explore faith than we can do through the larger Sunday services. The small number of people means they are set up to be able to deal with individual questions and issues in a much more efficient way. They are also a great source of support for the member as it is easier to keep track of what is happening for those few people in your group.

This all sound great, how do I sign up?

There are usually a few copies of the small group list on the welcome table as you come into church. This will tell you which groups meet where, when and who leads them and who to contact. Otherwise speak to someone on a Sunday morning or contact the church office and we would be happy to help you find a group.

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