It’s great that you want to find out about a Christening/Baptism either for yourself or your child/children. We would love to explore this with you and to welcome you into the community of Christ’s Church.

Baptism is something that we can’t really arrange or explore fully via the web site. At Christ Church we believe it is an important part of the Christian journey and so the decision for Baptism is not one to be  taken lightly. The service itself involves making a few promises about how you will live your life and/or bring up your child. We therefore like to spend some time with you thinking through these things and how you feel about them and also looking at if there might be other more appropriate ways forward.

Next Step.

The next step is to make contact. There are various ways this can be done:



You can pop into the church office (details of how and when are here). 

Call our Vicar Lorraine on 01985 215270 or send her an email

If you are in church or know one of the ministers then you can speak to us when you see us.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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