Street Pastors


“Street Pastors” is an inter-denominational Church response to urban problems, engaging with people on the streets to care, listen and dialogue.
It was pioneered in London in January 2003 by Rev Les Isaac, Director of the Ascension Trust, and has seen some remarkable results, including drops in crime in areas where teams have been working. There are now over 100 teams around the United Kingdom.
Each city project is set up by Ascension Trust and run by a local co-ordinator with support from Ascension Trust and local churches and community groups, in partnership with Police, Council and other statutory agencies.

Street Pastors Website

Warminster Street Pastors

There are 21 Street Pastors, as well as Prayer Pastors from the four churches (Christ Church, St. Denys, Baptist Church & FCF). The SPs will be out on the streets each Friday.

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