Mums’ Group

Mums’ Group

Some things you never thought to ask about Mums’ Group!

So what is it?
Mums’ Group is a bunch of mums who meet up, and have a relaxed coffee, cake & chunter. If you have little ones bring them along, but it’s not necessary! We have a bit of a giggle, make friends and support each other. We sometimes get together to have a bit of a social.

I’m not a Christian so it’s not for me.
We were set up by Christians but we are a group for mums, so if you’re a mum you’re very welcome!

So what do you do?
Well we meet for the pure joy of meeting together for coffee and cake. We talk about issues we care about, and we have a quick pray together for those lasses who want to.

O.K I’m interested but I’m not part of your church.
That’s great it doesn’t matter, you are very welcome! We meet up at Christ Church on Thursday mornings in term time only, between 9-12. It’s mums getting together, and being there for each other.

If you want to find out more come along! Find us on Facebook here or email us here


Story Time

For accompanied youngsters under 5. 10.30am in church on 1st Thursday of the month in church, as part of the Mum’s group.