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The Resurrection of Jesus changes everything
As we worship, so Jesus refocuses our hearts on Him and His ways and character - which then transforms us
As worshipping can change how we think and see life, so it also can transform our everyday speech - its content and its direction.
As we worship our perspective and thus our day to day actions can be transformed
Shame is a big force in many lives and can be the root cause of mental health issues - but Jesus has died to free us from Shame, if we…
Worshipping Engages our whole lives
Whole Life Worship: Worshipping engages our whole lives
God is compassionate towards those with Mental health issues.  Rather than shaming us he wants us to come to him for support and help and also to be able to…
God and Mental health/mental illness God is compassionate towards those going through difficult times and through the story of Elijah we can see that God cares for the whole person…
Parable of the Wedding - general introduction to parables - gospel in a story (for adults)
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