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Covid 19 help

Dear Friends

In light of the Government guidance around non-essential contact, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have issued advice that public worship is suspended until further notice.  

Sadly, this means that we will not be able to come together for worship as the Christ Church Family. It would have been unthinkable even last Sunday to think that we would not be able to worship together for a while. Although we cannot meet together we are still ‘the Church’ and our vision this year to encourage and build one another up is even more important during what is an unprecedented difficult time.

We can pray for each other, phone and support each other, send emails, connect on social media and share in online teaching and worship. We can use this time to draw close to Jesus, spend special time in his presence and to discover new ways to worship and pray.

During the week ahead, I will be sending out emails with resources to help us as we worship at home and stay close together in Christ.

There are people in our Church Family who are not able to access the internet; I will make sure that they know what is happening and are connected to others so as not to feel isolated.

Please let us know if you are unwell or self-isolating; there are many who want to help.

We can stay close to each other in lots of different ways knowing that God is always with us.

Yours in Christ


Connecting with God at Home

  • Read that book about faith you’ve never had time to get to.
  • Pick a Bible passage.  Read it slowly, noticing what jumps out at you. Read it again, ask the Holy Spirit to show you something that speaks into your life right now.  Read it a third time, and find something that prompts you to pray – for yourself, for someone else or our world.
  • Create something. Write a poem, draw a picture, sew, paint, plant something.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a masterpiece or not. Give thanks to Creator God for the good things we have.
  • Make a list of things to be thankful for and spend a bit of time daily reflecting on some of them.
  • Got a prayer-book gathering dust somewhere? Dig it out and re-discover it.
  • Play worship music. Sing along.
  • If you play an instrument, play that.
  • On your own? Ring a friend and commit to praying for 5 minutes together every day on the phone, or praying separately but at the same time of day.
  • Work in your garden or go for a walk outside – notice nature and take your time to enjoy it.
  • Radio and TV:
    • Prayer for the Day-daily at 5.43am on Radio 4
    • Sunday Worship Sundays at 8.10am on Radio 4
    • Daily Service Monday to Friday at 9.45am on Radio 4 Longwave and DAB (The Daily Service is available on a Radio 4 DAB side channel which is automatically made available about a minute before the program begins.)
    • Lent Talks Wednesdays at 8.45pm on Radio 4.
    • Choral evensong- Wednesdays at 3.30pm and the same service is repeated Sundays at 3pm on BBC Radio 3.
    • TV:Songs of Praise Sundays at 1.15pm on BBC 1

Connecting with God at Home (internet required)

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  • Pray-as-you-go
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  • DailyPrayer from the C of E (Aimer media)
  • Inner room (24-7 prayer app)